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Story Telling Story Acting

Storytelling Storyacting

Making children excited about words and stories.


Storytelling Storyacting is a powerful creative programme that builds confidence in speaking, listening, writing and acting.

It's a simple technique based on the work of Vivian Paley. An adult scribes a child's story, helping the child to create an original story by asking open ended questions. The story is read to the class who act it out; then it's printed in a class storybook with the child's illustration. Writer, actors and audience are celebrated and praised. Then they are invited to reflect on and discuss the work they have produced.

Press and Quotes

"It helps them think through what's important in their story, so without even necessarily using the terms, they're thinking about a beginning, middle and end. ..They're having to think about the characters, who's involved in the stories, and they're talking. And once you start talking, you start writing." Colvestone School


  • Project Director Carey English
  • Associate Workshop Leader Pete Lawson


Storytelling/Storyacting has been delivered all over London in a variety of Early Years settings.



  • Story Telling Story Acting - Click to enlarge
  • Story Telling Story Acting - Click to enlarge
  • Story Telling Story Acting - Click to enlarge

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