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Upstairs in the Sky

Upstairs in the Sky

Adventure and Intrigue in a Fantastical Story


Upstairs in the Sky is a story of adventure, friendship and loss. Two delivery people arrive with a box addressed to the audience - a Make-It-Yourself Story Kit! At first they can't agree on what story to tell, but once they put their differences aside they tell a fantastical story of a journey into a magical cloudscape where they discover the importance of family love and the enjoyment of life.

Enriching creativity through open ended play: The show is performed with open ended play materials - boxes, cloths, tubes and household objects which the children can play with after the show. When children play with things that have no prescribed play value they stretch their imaginations and share their ideas with other children in order for the 'playing' to continue.

Press and Quotes

"Play is once again re-emerging as a high status learning experience for young children and this production will help to nurture important debates and support adults' and children's learning about the potential of play as well as introducing them to high quality theatre in the safe spaces of their own schools and classrooms. Quicksilver's work is illustrating for children how their own stories and experiences are valuable." Pat Broadhead Ph.D, Professor of Playful Learning, Leeds Metropolitan University

"Looking at the children interact, jumping out of boxes, twirling coloured sheets around the room, recreating the characters and experimenting, it is easy to assume that the experience of Upstairs in the Sky will stay with its participants for years to come." Artshub, 2008


  • Written by Carey English and Guy Holland
  • Directed by Guy Holland
  • Music by Rob Lee


Upstairs in the Sky has delighted young audiences across London and the UK and as far afield as Mexico, Dubai, Russia and Japan.




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  • Upstairs In The Sky - Click to enlarge
  • Upstairs In The Sky - Click to enlarge
  • Upstairs In The Sky - Click to enlarge

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