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We have been invited into bedlam to meet three extraordinary people who live there; they are introduced to us by their matron Mrs Claybourne, using names she has given them – Tilly Mint, Buster and Timmy. They are their ‘for their own good’/ Mrs Claybouorne invites us to watch the daily routine in Bedlam and to see how quiet and well behaved the three are – and they are- with just a little help from Mrs Claybourne in the form of ‘Sweets and Treats’, to be taken three times a day.

Tilly Mint, Buster and Timmy live in worlds of their own – each has a story to tell, but no way of telling it; they are completely isolated and unable to communicate…

Until this one day, when the carefully set routine is accidentally broken. Then things start to go just a little bit haywire! Finding weird and wonderful instruments to use and play the three find that they can actually begin to ‘talk’ to each other. They are exhilarated! They play more and more! The music they make is exciting and fun! They become the fabulous Bedlam Band. But fabulous Bedlam bands don’t want to be locked up. They want to get out. But should they? Can they? Do they?



Written by Nona Shepphard

Directed by Philip Tyler

Produced by Guy Holland

Music by Helen Glavin

Designed by Marsha Roddy

Performed by Peter Abraham, Tunde Babs, Jain Boon, Zalie Burrow, Sean Brennan & Carey English


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