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Brain Power (1987)



We all carry within us, something special, so complex, so technically astounding that it cannot be reproduce by human hand.

It has islands and caves, fissures and aqueducts, winding mazes; it has the great controlling exchange in the telephone system connected by millions of wires with all the other exchanges in the system, and through them, with every part of the body; it has the region of consciousness and of dreams. The realm of ideas and imagination; it is the brain.




Written by Nona Shepphard

Directed by Philip Tyler

Music Composed by Helen Glavin

Designed by Judith Croft

Produced by Guy Holland

Design team involves Fran Lynch, Roxanne Cressy, Oldham Coliseum & Robin Kingsland

Performed by Susan Aderin, Chris Barton, Carey English, Helen Griffen, Mike Skinner & Royce Ullah


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