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Another spectacular summer show to ignite the imagination!

As a sea of magma seethes far beneath the earth’s crust, the Data Duchess sits at her desk- devising a devastating plan to exploit the earth’s energy at source! Why is she doing it? Will she succeed? What will happen to our planet if she does? Why is it getting hotter?

There’s a sure fire way of finding out. It’s confrontation or conflagration in FLAME – where fire drill takes on a ‘hole’ new meaning!!!




Written by Guy Holland & Ian Barnett

Directed by Guy Holland

Design Team involves Tony Banfield, Katy Mcphee, James Dodd & Robin Shepherd

Music and Lyrics by Ian Barnett

Performed by Carey English, Gilbert Gabriel, Kris Clarke, Robin Sheperd, Sandra Young, Sue Slingo & Turan Ali




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