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Footprints Under The Pavement

Footprints Under The Pavement

A Stroll Around The Streets and Stories of West Euston.


Cows in the road, bombs in the sky, revolution at the roundabout, a factory in flames, a canal beneath the allotments, a lottery to come to the UK, dancing all night, an enormous pat of butter – and love on a motorbike. 
Two trainee tour guides take you on a walk around the local area, uncovering the people and stories who lived there in years gone by, as collected through interviews with local residents. 
But what starts as a lovely tour is soon interrupted by the ghost of comedian, actor and ex-local resident Kenneth Williams. Has anyone seen his house? There’s a skyscraper in his kitchen, and strangers in the living room! Things ain’t what they used to be round here...
Press and Quotes
"Benson is not simply an actor, but a philospher, involving the audience, questioning our perspective and views of the world, politics and society today. Pure fringe theatre at its best - genuinely unique and inspiring.**** EdinburghGuide.com

Written by Pete Lawson

Performed and Directed by David Benson



Originally staged using real life stories and memories of people local to the New Diorama Theatre in summer 2010.



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