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Granny's Christmas Journey

Granny's Christmas Journey

A Quicksilver Theatre Classic Returns For Christmas 2010.


It is that time for family get-togethers but for Granny Onie this is not so simple.
A silly argument with her daughter, all that time ago, threatens to put a dampener on what should be a happy occasion. Onie is desperate to see her granddaughter Bella, whom she loves so dearly. 
Determined to put things right, Granny Onie sets out on a journey to make things better, but when she loses Bella’s beautiful gift she unexpectedly remembers what is was like to lose things when she was a child.
Rummaging through a lifetime of luggage, back to the time when she herself was little, Granny Onie shares special moments of her childhood, from the quiet of loneliness to the giddy heights of achievement and the glorious satisfaction of warm praise, Granny’s Christmas Journey explores the small child’s eye-view of the big world of emotions


Dates and Ticket Prices

30th November - 23rd December, 2010: £6 

Tuesday - Friday @ 10:30 & 13:30. Saturdays @ 11:00 & 14:00.

To enquire about special rates for Primary school and Nursery groups please call 020 7419 2000.

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Press and Quotes

"You can always rely on Quicksilver for quality" Susan Elkin, The Stage.



Written and Performed by Carey English.

Direction and Dramaturgy by Guy Holland.



Originally entitled All By My Own

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