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Idlepop (2003)



 “Maybe I could be famous and go to lots of parties and be seen in Hello! Magazine and have my picture in the papers and go on telly!...But what could I be famous for? Could I be famous for being famous???”

Four lucky contestants have made it through competitive heats to form a new pop group and now face the final challenge- to write and release their first single against the clock! The action will be transmitted live on national TV to hoards of viwers hooked on reality TV…but do any of them possess any kind of talen?

As the contestants struggle against the odds, is the competition really providing a fast track to fame or does the producer have an ulterior motive?



Written by Nona Shepphard

Directed by Guy Holland

Composed by Andrew Dodge

Choreographed by Jean J Charles

Lighting Design by Emily Laurens

Performed by Michelle Long, Seema Bowri, Kenny Thompson, Craig Adams & Karen Stally


Press and Quotes

“This was a clever show which gave a powerful insight into the world of television.”





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