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Marathon Madness (1985)



Fast, furious and deadly… such is the challenge of the Marathon Madness rally!

Eighty-seven year old Granny Forth, her intrepid co-driver Viva Chevette and their mascot Turkey steel themselves for the perils of the race! The stakes are high, competition is stiff and others aim to win by any means, fair or foul…

Can they win? Must they win? How important is winning anyway? Will Marathon Madness make turkeys of them all? Find out in our spectacular wacky show about competitions!




Directed by Vicky Ireland

Produced by Guy Holland

Music Directed and Composed by Ian Barnett

Design Team involves Tony Banfield, Michael High, Robin Shepherd, Lorraine Wood, Rebecca Vanes & Bibi Barrett

Performed by Sophie Aldred, David Clifford, Suzanne Gabriel, Trevor Gordon & Conrad Shwartz


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