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Monkey Magic (1981-82)




Noise, Noise, Noise, Noise.

Is there an orchestra under the Earth where all the sounds in the world are made? The monkey does not care: she is quite happy sitting at home making her own racket. So what is she doing diving into other people’s living rooms?

Is it because she is being chased by a giant ear hole? And if so, is the sinister crow behind the plot, or does he keep his head in a bucket of salad cream just for fun?



Devised, Written and Co-Directed by Andy Cunningham 

Music and Lyrics by Ian Barnett

Costume Design by Moe Casey

Set Designed and Constructed by Roger Forbes

Performed by Simon Dormandy, Carey English, Roger Forbes, Masha Vlassova & Roy Weskin


Press and Quotes

“There is a special excitement generated by both players and audience.”
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