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Pocketful of Tricks




Pocketful of Tricks is a musical play for under sevens, in which Millie Marmite learns that there’s more to caring for an animal than feeding it delicious food, (especially if the food is ice cream.)

Follow her adventures as she is lured from the safety of her bedroom into the crazy, sometimes scary world of ‘Pocket Fool’ and joins his collection of reluctant ‘pets’, only to find that she has become one herself and is about to be trained for the circus!.

Meet the toymaker, Bertie and Mad Fool, the tiger, the elephant, and the Lie Less Monster, in this fun packet fifty minutes!



Written by Dave Fox

Directed by Guy Holland

Music and Lyrics by Ian Barnett

Design Team involves Moe Casey, Penny Fielding, Peter Jones & Richard Robinson

Performed by Anthony Burbage, Carey English, Dave Fox, Elise Lorraine, Dave Lyon & Flip Webster


Press and Quotes

“This is such as natural and colourful piece of entertainment; the audience need no invitation to join in. They are caught from the start.”





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