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Polly Jaunty 1978-1979




Polly Jaunty lives in a cottage with Mrs Pompier and life with her is rather easy, if not a trifle boring for Polly.

However, things soon change when Pagramie arrives. He is the wicked trouble maker who delights in freezing things and people with his long blue finger. Pagramie freezes Mrs Pompier as stiff as a stalactite and Polly begins her search for the Flat Rat, the only one who knows how to break the freezing spell.

Flat Rat lives in the magical vegetable forest at the foot of a celery pole in a house made of spinach leaves. Pagramie gets to the forest before Polly and steals the vital ingredient for breaking the spell. But, with much daring on Polly’s part and with the help of Flat Rat, Mrs Pompier is rescued and the story ends happily.


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“Has all the ingredients to make its young audience spellbound”

                                                                         Islington Gazette


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