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Primary Voices

Practical Playwriting for Year 6 Children


Primary Voices makes children hungry for writing plays and creating narrative.

It begins with playwriting workshops in schools, with a theatre director and actors in the classroom. It culminates in a professional showcase, in a local theatre, of plays written by children. For more information click here

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Press and Quotes

"You cannot imagine the enjoyment and excitement of these Year Six pupils. Usually it is so difficult to motivate and keep a theme running with these teenagers who think they have outgrown the primary school but these pupils had grins as big as four years olds at Christmas time. In the SATs at Year 6 in 2006 our Writing results were better than our Reading results.

I have no hesitation in commending Primary Voices as a way of supporting the school to achieve expected standards of attainment" Head Teacher London E8

"I'll be honest. When I agreed to come and see the plays I thought I was in for an afternoon of childish stuff. Instead you've given us polished works of imagination, fantasy and humour." Sir Arnold Wesker

"Primary Voices was, amongst its other attributes, a first class showcase for the talents of those actors. We certainly saw plenty of Real Acting in a whole range of moods from hilarity to tragedy often in the same play, all beautifully handled." Susan Elkin, The Stage, 2009


  • Project Director - Carey English
  • Showcase Directors - Carey English & Guy Holland
  • With Thanks To - Jon Lloyd

Primary Voices Showcase Actors To Date:

  • Babatude Aleshe
  • Tigger Blaize
  • Tyrone James
  • Anna Maria Nabirye
  • Dan Pott
  • Rose Urguhart
  • Ayesha Antoine
  • Nick Oshikanlu
  • Sydney Smith
  • Kirstin Coulter Smith
  • Davina Perera
  • Divian Ladwa
  • Antonio Magro
  • Darren Clark


  • Hackey/Islington Schools (2006/07), Arcola Theatre, London.
  • Hackney Schools (2008/09), Arcola Theatre, London.
  • Camden Schools (2009/10), The New Diorama, London.
  • Camden Schools (2010/11), The New Diorama, London



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  • Primary Voices - Click to enlarge
  • Primary Voices - Click to enlarge
  • Primary Voices - Click to enlarge

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