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The Revenge of the Cyclops




The Revenge of the Cyclops, based on the Odyssey, is a story of a modern-day journey through a fantastic world of monsters, strange forces and powerful temptations.

It is a strong parable of growing up showing various tests of ingenuity, loyalty and courage. The original story has been adapted so as to maintain its enduring quality while putting the adventures into a younger person’s terms. On his way home, out young Odysseus is unwittingly whisked into a macabre world where the active help of the audience is needed to keep him on course and reach his destination. The show is a colourful spectacle with unusual effects, music and songs. 



Written by Michael Dalton

Directed by Guy Holland

Set Design by Penny Thomas

Tour Organisation by Carey English

Costumes and Props by Gaia Shaw, Richard Robinson, Dezi, Laura Russell, Mo Casey, Ken Gregory, Michael Dalton & Carey English

Performed by Carey English, Howard Leader, Terry Macdonald, Hilary Price, Maria Vlasseva & Roger Forbes


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