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The Sound Collector 2





The Sound Collector is on the loose in your neighbourhood. This cunning thief will steal your dad’s snores, your cat’s purr, the snap, crackle and pop noise your cereal makes every morning when you pour milk on it. Breakfast- no, life- may never be the same again. Be alert and think: what would you do if you couldn’t atchoo?


Written by Roger McGough

Directed by Guy Holland

Music by Nadine Owen

Designed by Philip Engleheart

Education Director is Carey English

Performed by Karen Spicer & Maureen Oakeley


Press and Quotes

“Roger McGough’s play for Quicksilver is a witty, poetic and lively look at how sounds shape, and in some ways, dictate our lives. A play to amuse and gently instruct.”
                                                                                                                                              Time Out

“Spell binding stuff…a colourful and highly inventive production involving live action, comedy and puppets with Roger McGough’s wonderful verse skilfully woven into dialogue.”
                Newbury Weekly News



September – December 1999


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