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The Three Secrets of Serendip




High on a hill, in a lonely tower, in the topmost room, sits a lonely girl. She doesn’t know who she is or why she is there. She only knows that she can’t get out!

Nobody passes. The years go by.

One morning she is awakened by a strange noise. From her window she sees a strange woman, who produces a set of charms, and reads the fate of the girl.

She will only escape from the tower if she finds out the three secrets of Serendip.

How is she to do it? What or where is Serendip? And how are the secrets to be found? She must go on a quest, full of danger, excitement and mysterious discovery.



Written by Nona Shepphard

Directed and Produced by Guy Holland

Music by Andrew Dodge

Designed by Marsha Roddy

Performed by Tracey Anderson, Amma Asante, James George, Angela Mounsey & Alastair Snell 


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