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Towers of Power (1980)



Towers of Power shows a young band of characters faced with an extraordinary mission.

Our heroes are Skid, the whiz kid laboratory assistant, Kia, the logical and powerful android who can lift a double-decker bus, and Rusty, the clumsy but trusty robot that eats anything and everything, including bricks.

The mystery of their mission becomes clear: as clue follows clue they discover that the ecology of the world is threatened by a ruthless gang of villains!

In their struggle against clever trickery and dastardly combat – involving rescue attempts, chases and some very versatile thinking – Skid, Kia and Rusty realise that only their determination and joint talent can sabotage the evil plot.




Press and Quotes

“The characters are appealing, colourful and enthusiastic.”
                                                                      Islington Gazette


23rd  June to 31st August 1980




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