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Beulah’s Box (1987)


A Multi-Award Winning Show From Quicksilver Theatre


In the house of Q, where Beulah lives and works as general downtrodden dogsbody, Q, the greatest professor in the whole world, has locked up every language inside a box. Beulah is under pain of death to leave the box alone.

One day, however, when Q is away at a conference, Beulah’s curiosity get s the better of her and she opens up the box. And little by little…then faster and faster…its startling inhabitants begin to emerge.

Mad misunderstandings and comic communications follow. Laughter, quarrels and fun are in full swing when suddenly…shhh…Q is heard coming home!

Winner of the Best Young People’s Theatre Design Award
Nominated for the 1987 Drama Magazine Best Young People’s Play






Written and Directed by

Nona Shepphard


Music Composed by Helen Glavin

Produced by Guy Holland

Design Team involves Mavis Taylor & Amanda Fisk

Performed by Lorna Brown, Carey English, Andrew frame, Arif Javid & Bernie Moran


Press Quotes


“Beulah’s Box is a play full of energy and humour with songs, dance, comedy and spectacular visuals.” The Voice


“A riotous success!” Time Out

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